Our History

The Greenwood Community Band was formed in June 1977 when approximately 30 musicians met for their first rehearsal.  Mr. Barner Swartz, who had just retired from the Greenwood School District in Millerstown, PA, organized this group, which rehearsed throughout the summer.  The Band did not appear in public in 1977.

Rehearsals resumed in May 1978 and in June the membership adopted a constitution and bylaws and elected officers.  The Band played its first concert on August 6, 1978 at the Millerstown Homecoming Days.    

Since 1977, the Band has more than doubled in size with more than 70 musicians participating.  Our members range in age from 15 to 80+ years, reside in 8 counties and work in numerous occupations, including several music majors.

In 1993, the Band elected Mr. Brent Snyder as Associate Conductor.  At the Autumn Concert in 1996, Mr. Swartz turned the baton over to Mr. Snyder as the Band's Conductor and Mr. Swartz now serves as Conductor Emeritus.  In 2006, Gene Hoffmaster was appointed as Assistant Conductor.

The Band performs during the summer months at carnivals and Sunday community performances.  The second Sunday of October is set aside for the Band's Annual Fall Concert.  During the past few years, the band has performed such challenging pieces as "Overture 1812", "Rhapsody in Blue" and "Flight".

Membership in the Band is open to anyone who plays an instrument regardless of where they reside.  Rehearsals begin in May and continue until October, being held every Tuesday evening at the Greenwood School District in Millerstown, PA.

Mr. Gene Hoffmaster

Mr. Barner Swartz

Mr. Brent Snyder

Millerstown PA